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                      Raincare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently one of the professional third-party service organizations with effective ISO quality certification in the field of medical endoscope and surgical instrument maintenance and repair. It has more than 700 square meters of self-maintenance workshop, maintenance inspection. The equipment covers the entire range of Olympus, Fuji and Pentax. Expertise: First, repair Olympus 290 series high-end endoscope; Second, in addition to the ability to directly replace the CCD, experienced in the maintenance of CCD technology, especially in the repair of a relatively small small-caliber CCD (electronic nose and throat laryngoscope) Unique. Third, in the maintenance of fiber mirrors, the ability to cover Olympus URF-P6, URF-P5, Wolf 7325071.        
                      We are committed to providing safe and reliable medical equipment and fast and thoughtful technical support for the development of medical care. We are committed to extending the normal service life of medical equipment and reducing medical costs, and integrating the development of enterprises into the healthy development of medical undertakings and the harmonious development of society. 
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